Cooperate and share in real-time

Our Videoconference services are easy to use and are based on Cloud computing.

You can share your computer desktop
and other features in real-time,
interacting directly with more people
at the same time through webcams.

Business Meeting
The perfect solution for business meetings: you can share documents and your computer
desktops with all the users. You can manage the meetings through your computer or hold
them in the company conference room with a proper equipment.

Virtual Classroom
A Virtual Classroom for online tutoring. Specific features will bring on your computer
the closest experience to face-to-face tutoring. You will have specific tools to manage
the classroom and record the sessions.

Customer Care and Video Call Center
A solution to supply a better customer service through conference call or video conference.
Thanks to the video, the interaction between the operator and the customer will be more
empathic. You can also share documents and show operations in real-time, or provide online

The only Videoconference solution for Telemedicine supporting DICOM formats and using
double-video sources that you can manage online. An excellent tool for medical consultations,
Second Opinion and assistance.
SMART: interactive powerful witheboard

Our system for video-collaboration and video-communication are suitable on Smart, an incredibly powerful tool to increase day-to-day communication.

Smart is an innovative and stunning system for video-collaboration in real time.

It works as a traditional whiteboard where you can write in different colors and cancel with the movement of your hand. It is also an HD resolution display that works online; you can move pictures, write over content, use touch gestures and get more work done during any meeting; share documents in real time with other users all over the world. All the participants can work directly on the same file.

With Smart you can share information, check, modify and save new data and contents from anywhere. Smart sets your creativity free and increase the power of teamwork, supplying a unique and natural touch-and-go experience on the entire surface for all your staff. The display can recognize your movement and the pressure of the pen. You can touch, move, write and cancel with instinctive movements in a potentially infinite work area.

Software, hardware and related services are easy to use. They are all compatible with the most used software for the office (MS Office, Adobe, etc.).

A concrete example: you can discuss with a work-mate in front of Smart and modify an Excel file. You can hand-write with the pen and transform the text, copy and paste it on Google. You can go online and change the position of the pictures on a web site, save the new graphic design and email it, or modify it in real time with other collaborators all over the world.

This video shows you all the stunning things you can do with Smart.

A typical work situation is to find yourself with some ideas, but no pen and paper or with an old style whiteboard and many post-it. You might work online with a slow system and won’t be able to interact properly. With Smart everything changes: anyone, anywhere can work in real time in a very technological and effective way.

Smart has many other functions: business presentation to customers and colleagues can be way more efficient. You can show products and projects in a very effective way.

In times where being quick and effective make the difference between you and the competitors, using Smart enables you to increase productivity and creativity, saving time and growing your business.

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