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A fast and innovative way to connect through the web with users inside and outside your company. Just few seconds and a click.

Erase the distances and establish a face-to-face, direct and empathic conversation with customers and co-workers from your desk to everywhere in the world. Share pictures, documents and presentations in real time. Give and receive multimedia support in a simple and fast way. Use your IT equipment and mobile devices (like smartphones and tablets) to be available everywhere and improve your customer care and the teamwork: this is all possible thanks to our Video Communication Technology Solutions.

We provide an integrated, safe and fully equipped Unified Communication platform for professional Video Communication, for data and document sharing in real time.
An advanced solution, especially designed to help small, medium and big businesses to co-operate using an on-line video-conferencing system in a simple and effective way.

With our platform, you save money immediately: for example on phone calls and on business trips. You improve your communication and the possibility to share and co-operate. An easy-to-use system, to plan meetings, presentations and trainings. You can integrate it with the most popular IP Phone Systems like Asterisk, 3CX, Innovaphone and others, for Instant Messaging, Presence, Click2call, Click2video and Click2meeting options. This is the perfect solution to save on phone calls costs and to be always available. Furthermore, you will improve your customer care, simplify and make more effective your company’s communication. It will give you the chance to co-operate and get in touch in an innovative and fast way with partners and colleagues from all over the world.

The possibilities and the advantages that this system can offer you are countless: just think of the chance of working on the same document with one or more collaborators, anywhere they are, making adjustments in real time, discussing opinions face to face. It will erase costs, time-loss and misunderstandings.

The meeting solutions are the key-point for this service. They include multi-points Video-conferencing in HD, desktop and documents sharing, remote control, connection with H323 and SIP systems and meetings recording. It is available in server version to install “on premise” (in the customer’s network) or as a hosted service on cloud computing. You can connect an unlimited number of users.

The system requires a basic infrastructure – a virtual one can work as well. For a video meeting, all you need is a standard internet connection. Hybrid solutions are available, in this case the IP PBX is located in the company’s office and the video conference service is provided on cloud computing.
The system is easy to use, and easy to install, set up and manage as well. Here are some of the available features for video communication.
  • Presence/Status and Instant Messaging: you can check in real time the availability of other users (available, busy, don’t disturb, etc.), send instant text messages on public or private chat rooms and send/receive files.

  • click2call, click2video, click2videocollaboration: a simple click starts a call, a video-call or a video-conference.

  • Mobile app makes you always available on mobile devices and enables you to login on the platform from everywhere.

  • Integration with the company’s PBX: you can integrate the platform on your company’s PBX in hosted, on site or hybrid mode. Status and presence are updated in real time, as well as calls, video-calls and video-conferences can be activated. Besides, the system is integrated with the most common software for the office (MS Office).

  • Meeting: a web video-conferencing and video-collaboration service for groups of people, in HD, on cloud computing only, to manage up to 8, 25 or 100 participants. ST provides it in “hosted” mode; it does not require any additional tool, just a computer (tablet or smartphone) and a standard internet connection. The internet connection speed does not influence the system performance.

Plan collaborations, meetings, seminars, trainings and remote assistance in a simple and intuitive way for all the users, wherever they are located. Some of the available features include:
  • multi-points video-conference in HD on different windows

  • app for mobile devices

  • private and public chat rooms

  • VoIP audio, echo and noise reduction

  • desktop sharing, remote control, documents and software sharing

  • meetings recording and editing

  • conference call access available

  • reports and access tracking

  • users feedback (raise-hand interaction)

  • quiz and surveys

  • medical video-consulting
Our video-communication platform is an innovative and useful system to keep you updated and meet the current communication requests, more and more fast and multimedia-related.

It is a fully equipped service, including all the business communication tools (e-mail, video-conferencing, etc.) in a single, flexible and customizable system. You can integrate it with the systems you already employ in your company.

Easy to use and to set up, it requires basic hardware and software features, both on the server than the client sides. You just need a standard internet connection, with the chance to gather an unlimited number of users.

Technical Features
Our video-communication platform includes:
  • Presence/Status of the users
  • Private and group chat rooms
  • File transferring
  • Click2meeting
  • Click2videocall
  • Ldap/Active directory support
  • Video Softphone SIP/H323
  • Desktop and documents sharing
  • Remote control
  • Whiteboard with pictures library sharing
  • Quiz and surveys
  • Participants feedback (raise-hand interactions)
  • Meetings recording, editing, packaging in Scorm 1.2 format and web uploading
  • You can create meeting and users profiles
  • Partitioning of resources between users
  • You can access the recordings, contacts and documents
  • Reports
  • It can integrate CRM, e-learning, CSM via Application Program Interface (API)
  • Languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Russian

Features available with an IP-PBX
  • Click2call
  • On Call Status on the user interface
  • Make call through the interface
  • Audio Call in meeting sessions

  • Multiple videos in multi-windows
  • Vp8 Temporal Scalable Video Coding: CIF, VGA, 4CIF, 360p, 720p, 1080p. Da 10 a 30 fps
  • Double video source
  • Local and remote control PTZ integrated
  • Voice Switched Video
  • Gateway Utility for interoperability H323/SIP

  • VoIP audio full duplex multi-point
  • Acoustic echo removal support
  • Noise Suppression Support
  • Voice Activation Detection Support

  • Firewall NAT Friendly
  • Proxy Support
  • Multicast Support

  • Encryption AES 128 bit key

Hardware and Software requirements
  • Server: O.S., MS Windows XP/VISTA Vista/7/8/Server 2003/Server 2008/Server 2012;
  • Browser: MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome;
  • CPU: Intel Core2 DUO 2.5 GHz or more; RAM 4Gb; 1 USB gate to keep for the hardware protection device;
  • PC client: OS, MS Windows XP/Vista/7/8;
  • Browser: MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome;
  • CPU: Intel Core2 DUO 2.5 GHz or more; RAM 2 Gb;
  • Mobile: iOS, Android

Our Video-Conferencing platform is the best way to communicate with people wherever they are, save on costs, erase the distance, and avoid time loss and the misunderstanding of traditional communication.

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