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Sending and receiving faxes on your traditional fax number as a PDF attachment, to and from your email account, everywhere – as well on mobile devices.

An economical and practical system to save on consumables. You will not pay the telephone bills for a dedicated line as you are doing now. You will save the maintenance costs you need to pay for a fax equipment.

You will save time and make easier the storing of your documents, increasing the security and keeping your fax line always available.

The Fax to Mail/Mail to Fax service makes your everyday work simpler. It does not require a password or a specific configuration. You can also send the fax as a traditional email message. You can receive and send more faxes to more than one parties at the same time. You can manage the faxes as PDF documents, zooming and reading them on mobile devices.
To receive and send a fax will be as easy as sending an email.

To receive a fax, the system will couple your fax number to your email address; it will send the incoming fax to our Fax System, and from our server it will forward it to your email address as a PDF attachment.

To send a fax, you just send an email to the dedicated email address attaching the PDF. Our server will transform the document in a fax and transmit it to the fax number you indicated. For each fax you send, the system will produce a report and send it to you by email.

Old Fax VS Fax to Mail/Mail to Fax

We explain to you in one minute why you should get rid of the old fax and why you should use our service.

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